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Outbound Internet Fax Service

Through the use of advanced Internet fax technology, Fax provides a comprehensive online fax software solution for sending documents to or from e-mail, fax machines, or the Internet. Designed to manage high-volume, mission-critical documents, Fax performs all reformatting, routing, and reporting and employs the latest in Internet fax technologies to ensure convenience, compatibility, and speed for all your time-sensitive business documents.

Standard Outbound Fax Service

  • Ideal for documents which do not require any additional content or image processing.
  • Broadcast Fax
  • Web / E-mail to fax
  • Application document conversion to fax format
  • Message reporting and delivery options
  • Flexible distribution
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Custom Outbound Fax Service

  • We also provide a value-added service in which we help manipulate the data input from the customer and combine the data with customer specific forms and/or graphics.
  • Suited for high volume fax messaging applications where each recipient receives different information.
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Fax Software Service: Features and Capabilities

The extensive flexibility and features of Fax allow your company to deliver important time-sensitive documents € such as confirmations, statements, invoices, press releases, and purchase orders € safely and efficiently. You can choose from extensive Internet fax software capabilities, including:

  • Individual and broadcast faxing service
    Address a message to one or ten thousand recipients € and mix any combination of fax and e-mail addresses. Lists are easily managed via a Internet fax interface designed to simplify address management and message tracking. You can send fax-to-fax, Email-to-fax , Internet-to-fax, or Dedicated (Frame/ATM)-to-fax.
  • Custom fax delivery service
    Customized faxing options like graphics (letterhead, signature, and logos electronically applied to your document), information merging to unite specific fax addressee information with forms, unique retry periods, and deferred fax delivery options give you added control for the utmost professional appearance and complete fax delivery control.
  • Environmental flexibility
    Access via dial-up, Customer Gateway hardware, and dedicated (Frame/ATM) services ensure flexibility for your fax communications environment.
  • Scalability
    The Fax outsourced Internet fax service solution is designed for high volumes of time-sensitive business documents, Fax is built to ensure your fax messages are delivered on time.
Simplified Internet Fax Administration and Management

Fax provides flexible administration options via an easy-to-use Internet fax software interface. Web-based user profile management and account administration simplifies the tracking of documents and accounts, and customizable fax software options allow you to easily modify user accounts.

Reporting has never been so simple or flexible! Fax Internet website provides near-real-time reporting, including fax error reports, status queries, delivery detail, and summary reports € all available via the Internet or delivered to an e-mail address, fax machine, or network location.