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Inbound fax services management

Fax Services: Features

  • “Never-busy” service
  • Toll-free and local access
  • Port existing numbers
  • Flexible delivery and routing options
  • Workflow integration and compatibility
  • More on features and User Benefits

Fax offers a high-volume, inbound fax to email service and online faxing management service. You decide whether faxes should be delivered fax to email, a network location like a directory, or fax machine as part of a never busy inbound solution to expand your capacity and eliminate busy signals for your customer. Fax will automatically and transparently convert your fax messages to a digital image like a tiff file and deliver them to the destination of your choice even to the end-user application where the information will be processed.

Internet Fax: Applications

  • Purchase Orders
  • BOL’s
  • Invoices
  • Time-sheets
  • Loan Applications
  • Resumes
  • Warranties
  • Surveys
  • Field Reports
  • More on Document Management

Why Choose Our Internet Fax Services?

Fax supports a variety of fax delivery methods and paths designed to help you manage high volumes of inbound faxes and usage spikes. You decide which internet fax solution best match your business requirements, including fax to e-mail, network location, or fax machine delivery. Faxes sent to your toll-free can be delivered to a fax machine, an e-mail address, or public folder. Or, using message header information, faxes can be routed via a Customer Gateway to a printer, a directory, or to Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes e-mail addresses. Your options include:

  • Group 3 (standard) web faxing:
    Deliver documents to a standard fax machine or to a group of fax machines on a single trunk.
  • Fax to e-mail services:
    Convert incoming faxes to tagged image file format (TIFF) or PDF and deliver them to your e-mail inbox as attachments.
  • Frame Relay Service or VPN to LAN or mainframe:
    Send faxes in a variety of formats to your LAN or host environment via a Frame Relay Service permanent virtual circuit (PVC).
  • Customer Gateway fax services:
    Tailor a solution to your fax needs using our hardware and software package, which supports intelligent inbound routing, enhanced reporting, and more.
  • Hold for pick-up fax services:
    Store incoming faxes on our system for retrieval at your convenience. Download faxes from the system using a variety of access methods (PCs, LANs, and mainframes) based on your business’ specific needs.
Toll-Free fax message submission

When Fax manages your fax services, capacity issues are eliminated. We will assign a unique toll-free number that your customers, suppliers, and prospects can use to send you faxes. You have the option of transferring a pre-existing toll-free number to Fax, or you can register a brand new fax number. Faxes sent to your number will automatically be received by Fax, formatted for delivery to the device of your choice, and then routed to you. Plus, Fax offers reporting on all fax message activity via the Internet.

Simplified web faxing administration and management

The Fax web faxing site provides near-real-time reporting that lets you: track and identify faxes by geographic areas with area code identification, follow trends with date and time stamps, recognize your most frequent senders with frequency reporting, and more all via the Web. You specify the reporting and where to send documents, even if multiple copies are required. And reports can even be faxed directly to you.