HIPAA Compliant Internet Fax

HIPAA Compliant Internet Fax From The Desktop Using Secure Fax (sfax)

  • Need a Secure online fax (sfax) solution for sending and receiving patient Health Information(PHI) via an electronic fax (e-fax) service? Sfax provides an end-to-end secure solution and will sign a BAA as a covered entity
  • Why sfax? Compliance with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) means Health Care Organizations (HCO’s) need to keep electronic records and to automate processes. By deploying cloud-based fax platform like sfax, healthcare providers can instantly streamline operational efficiencies as well as improve the vital exchange of information while remaining HIPAA compliant.
  • Healthcare providers handle large the volumes of incoming and outgoing fax records on a daily basis and struggle to meet the detailed requirements of HIPAA regulations. sfax easily integrates with any existing network infrastructure to deliver secure, reliable and convenient smart fax messaging while enabling providers to handle more patients with a smaller workforce and at a lower cost.
  • How?  The process is a simple as using a secure version of yahoo or gmail.  Fax are received into an email account after being converted, the user then logs into their secure account and uploads or downloads fax for sending and receiving.

Sfax Monthly Pricing

  • Try free for 14 days. No risk, no hidden charges. No set-up fee. Instant activation. More pages means even better value. We now offer 24/7 support. Thousands of users rely on Sfax every day. Get your own account online today. Extra toll-free numbers at $5/month. Pages in excess of monthly plans are now charged monthly at 10 cents/page.