Fax to EDI

Are you receiving Faxed or emailed PO’s that are manually being keyed into your ERP?  The manual data entry into your ERP can be eliminated by converting the PO images into an EDI file using a platform based service utilizing OCR software along with human editing and programmatic business rules like database look-ups.  This process can follow your same business rules today so that a clean EDI file loads into your ERP.

Utilizing this type of process will reduce the cost per order by as much as 30% and can drastically reduce the soft cost of mistakes.  Because a hybrid platform is used to process these orders the intricacies like unstructured forms, rating, business rules, handwriting, are all handled as part of the service with KPI’s in place to measure the performance.  Software alone does not offer these benefits nor will it offer KPI’s or SLA’s which means a true ROI cannot be included in a business case.  Accuracy of both data extraction and business rules are key metrics which are needed for a business case, without them, a software solution alone cannot offer a concrete TCO becasue of touch-points to a document,  this equates to risk to the business case.

Key benefits;

  • Reduced cost per purchase order through economies of scale
  • Reduced mistakes through increased accuracy
  • Increased throughput to level out peak processing periods
  • Documented business rules for DR

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