Fax Payroll Timecards

Payroll Time Cards

Corporations or temporary agencies with diverse and widespread employee bases, and particularly those whose business involves supplying contractor or temporary personnel are dependent upon receiving the employees’ time-sheets in a timely manner.

When time-sheets are faxed in, and busy signals are encountered, employees’ trying to send the fax at 5pm on a Friday get frustrated.  Never Busy inbound alleviates this problem by increasing your capacity in the cloud. At the back office, the faxes can be printed to laser printers or deposited in a networked directory.   Additionally, forms can be  processed utilizing platform based OCR SaaS so that your ERP is fed a data file of the timecard which eliminates manual data entry and automates the entire process.  They key benefit is reduces cost,  Additionally, turnaround times for accounts payable are challenged by peak periods of data entry. Combining an Internet fax service with an OCR Service can provide a solution that will eliminate throughput challenges.  See our Automated Data Entry solution on the Document Management page.

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