Fax Messaging Services

Internet e Fax Services

Fax Solutions.us provides a flexible outsourced internet fax solution, which frees businesses from making capital expenditures in premise equipment such as servers and fax machines, as well as investing in the staff expertise required to maintain and operate such equipment. Outsourcing also ensures redundant architecture for disaster recovery purposes so that mission critical fax applications like receipt of Purchase Orders are maintained.

Fax Solutions.us can reduce the amount of paper that needs to be handled for both inbound and outbound documents which greatly improves the efficiency and effectiveness of document management and can potentially increase the bottom-line with a “green” solution.  Eliminate  manual processing and workflow, by efaxing your taking the first step in digitizing processing, workflow and archiving.

Inbound Fax Service
Fax Solutions delivers Inbound Fax services like fax to email designed for customers who receive a high volume of incoming faxes.
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Inbound Fax to OCR
Inbound Fax to OCR applications for automated data entry of faxed forms.
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Fax Reply / Fax Back / Fax On Demand
Albeit old technology, fax reply allows that your customers and field staff have the most up-to-date information available by using what is now a low tech ubiquitous solution, the fax machine. To access the service, your customer or field staff simply dials into a toll free or local number, selects a document, and enters a fax number for delivery. » Learn More
Custom Enterprise Fax Services
We recognize that often our clients require more than just a one size fits all messaging solution, and we work with our engineering and business partners to design and create custom solutions right for your specific business need.
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