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Internet e fax and Adobe Reader enable PDF functionality and document collaboration including HIPAA compliant e faxing

Review and edit locked documents

By integrating functionality from Adobe Systems into the fax platform, the FaxSolutions package for PDF editing delivers a fully functional, interactive PDF that gives you a secure and reliable file for encrypting, editing, signing, searching and storing your fax documentation just as with the full Adobe Acrobat software.


Password protect your document to enable full encryption of your PHI and enable HIPAA compliant faxing. Your document remains secure through every step of the collaboration. Using efax service with a package for PDF editing can significantly enhance work-flow and security to speed up and streamline your online faxing. With traditional electronic faxes you were only able to read PDF attachments. Now you’ll have all the collaboration capabilities to work on your document, dynamically just as with the full Adobe Acrobat package..


Quickly search and edit key words or phrases within your faxes without having to license any new software. Highlight text and add comments for others to review. Stamp documents with key phrases to draw attention to important content. Insert self-signed or verifiable digital signatures or enable others to sign – ideal for complex documents requiring legal signatures.

Benefits of Using

HIPAA Compliant Online Faxing- Easily encrypt confidential documents before you send them and eliminate sensitive documents lying around a fax machine.

Productivity and Efficiency- Documents are routed and approved in real-time with security features and permission controls that are easily to use.

Maintained Compliance- The PDF files are stored encrypted on your server instead of paper in filing cabinets with no tracking mechanism for their access.


Simply open a faxed PDF document and immediately begin to search for text. Using the Search window or Find toolbar, just type the characters you desire to find in the search box and click Find Next.


Highlight, underline, cross out and draw on any text within the document by using the commenting and markup tools. You can even identify if a comment was accepted, cancelled, completed or rejected.


Insert an electronic signature by clicking Sign. You simply use your mouse to draw the area where you would like the signature to appear, and you are immediately taken to the next step to Sign. It’s that easy. If you’re signing a document for the first time, you will be asked to create a new digital ID in order to validate your signature.

How do I sign up?

PDF functionality is a setting that is turned on in your fax administrative settings.

ORDER NOW or click ‘contact us’ to speak with someone about your faxing needs. The cost for encrypted PDF faxing is .04 per page in addition to your per page fax cost. Alternatively, you can securely download your fax from the webmail portal at no additional cost as an additional HIPAA compliant inbound fax option. VPN and SFTP connections are available for enterprise applications.

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