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Our Automated Data Entry services offer a highly efficient method of converting paper based forms, for example, from an inbound Internet fax application, to digital data. Using optical character recognition (OCR) as part of a platform based business solution which utilizes comprehensive data verification, we increase accuracy and reduce data entry costs, shorten cycle times, manage peak processing, and provide virtually unlimited processing capacity. We offer these benefits without the capital investment in systems and personnel traditionally required. Our high-speed data capture systems process thousands of forms hourly, without errors and rework. Along with batch processing, we provide real-time processing of mission-critical documents.

The Cost Of Manual Processing

Gartner Research recently made two important observations: 1) 82% of all business transactions start on paper; 2) For every dollar spent producing a paper form, $30 to $150 are spent processing it. Processing this paper involves converting it from hardcopy to digital data for input into software applications. Most companies use manual data entry, which is costly, labor intensive, and prone to errors. It is estimated that U.S. companies spend over $100 billion per year keying data.

Many organizations have made large capital investments trying to automate document processing. In most cases these efforts often fall short, due to technology limitations, IS integration issues, and labor costs required for these systems to work.

Managing Structured and Unstructured Forms

Our solution can handle both structured and unstructured forms such as; claim forms, enrollment forms, and surveys, as well as unstructured forms such as; purchase orders, invoices, bills of lading, and check remittance. In fact, our automated unstructured document processing capabilities are industry leading in the world of unstructured forms processing.  But you don’t have to trust us, because you’re not buying a software, you’re buying a service.

BPO A Smarter Way

The platform  approach to outsourcing offers you the most sophisticated data capture solution available, along with reduced labor cost. Typically, working with us reduces data entry turnaround time by up to 50%, and decreases processing costs by up to 60%. Our approach offers the ultimate in flexibility, efficiency, and hard dollar savings along with SLA’s and key performance indicators.

About Us

We are an outsourced solutions provider specializing in document and information management solutions integrated with fax applications. We enable our clients to benefit from cutting-edge technologies without the financial, IT, and personnel resources traditionally required.  Call today for more information or for a demo.

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