Why choose FaxSolutions?

Keep your focus on running the business, not managing your fax infrastructure.

Faxsolutions.us is an outsourced internet fax service provider that helps companies eliminate or significantly reduce further expenditures on fax equipment, technology, and support staff while providing resilient solutions with  redundant data data centers.

My name is Kevin, I was a Product Manager for the MCI cloud based internet fax platform, I managed a $100 million dollar MCI messaging platform and now help customers with options to outsource their fax infrastructure. We offer pricing packages ranging for the small office desktop user at $8.33 per month for fax-to-mail and email-to-fax, up to large custom efax applications like inbound fax integrated with an OCR service to eliminate manual data entry of forms. We also have a HIPAA compliant desktop fax solutions which enables encrypted PDF’s or secure web mail.

The carrier grade fax service providers have consolidated over the years, although there are many options that can be found online, if your faxes are mission critical, very few providers offer service level agreements, and if pressed, cannot show a resilient architecture. If your company is receiving mission critical inbound fax like purchase orders or freight orders, which are the life blood of your business, does it make sense to be penny wise and pound foolish? Contact us today for a quote.

Expand e-business initiatives to customers, vendors, and other business associates that still need to process paper documents.