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Harnessing the power of Voice

Voice broadcasting via our voiceREACH service offers a powerful and highly efficient way to contact thousands of people in the time it takes to place just one phone call.  Record a message over a touch-tone phone or by creating a .wav file through your PC. You can even add personalization for an added touch, include an easy call back method to transfer your recipients into your call center, or conduct a survey and collect responses. 

Use Voice to achieve superior results;

  • Reduce the cost of high-volume phone campaigns
  • Eliminate time-consuming, repetitive calling
  • Improve staff productivity
  • Convey emotion and urgency
  • Mobilize people to act on time-sensitive issues
  • Increase response rates 

As a customer , you'll enjoy the benefits of list maintenance services, rapid and reliable distributions, convenient access to services over the Web, reports that track delivery of every message and 24 hour customer support.

Interactive VOICE Features

It€s about more than just sending a voice message.  It's about combining interactive features with rapid and reliable delivery system, to communicate strategically and creatively for superior results.

Hot Key transfers

Increase response rates of major campaigns by giving your recipients the option to press '0' at anytime during the broadcast to be immediately connected with a live operator at a regular or toll-free number.  Detailed reporting features give you the valuable status information including connection reports and call length.  Text-to-Speech Now, its easier than ever to personalize your voice.


Now, its easier than ever to personalize your voice campaigns.  voiceREACH converts text-based information, such as names or account numbers, into speech that is automatically inserted into the voice message.

Advanced Data Collections

Increase response rates by surveying your customer base with person-to-person voice communications. Recipients use their touch-tonephone pad to respond and voiceREACH captures the data for online retrieval.

Compliance Officer Approval

Ensure that all of your voice broadcasts are accurate.  Messages recorded by an employee can be automatically routed to a compliance officer or other high-ranking official for approval priority delivery.

Intuitive Answering

For optimal effectiveness, set up your voice campaigns based on how your call will be answered. Record one message to play for an answering device, and one that is expressly recorded for 'live' answer, and the voiceREACH system will deliver accordingly.

Professional Voice Talent and Scripting

Enhance the success of your voice transactions by taking advantage of our experienced voiceREACH team. They provide professional scripting services and voice talent to record your message.

Well-Timed Calling Options

Reach your target audience at the right time. Send urgent messages right away or schedule delivery times with automatic adjustment for time zones and black out periods.

Call Control

Allows call recipients to fast forward, rewind,pause, adjust volume, or opt out of a VOICE call.  All call control settings can be managed through a simple Web interface and modified for each job sent. The system generates reports tracking all call control actions.

Call Management

Effectively manage your call center resources by spacing the delivery of outbound messages and the volume of calls transferred to live call center agents.  Schedule only the required number of operators or agents to support a given campaign and save money.
Voice Broadcasting applications:

  • Emergency notifications
  • Event announcements
  • Market updates
  • Renewal reminders
  • Surveys
  • Voter Solicitation
  • Fundraising
  • Collections

Create and deliver your message over the phone with the help of touch-tone prompts using our toll-free access number. Or, record a .wav file using your PC for rapid upload over our web interface. List upload can be accomplished by submitting hard copy, uploading to a .csv file through our web interface, sent to Faxsolutions via FTP or by using our list maintenance tolls on our website.  No matter which method you choose, voice messaging is personal, yet faster and more cost efficient than making multiple calls to individuals.

Potential Customer Applications

Case Study #1

German optical manufacturer-retailer uses multiple modes of communication (voiceREACH,smsREACH & messageREACH) to improve its after-sales customer service.

Apollo Optik is one Germany's largest manufac-turers and retailers of optical ware. It has 500 retail stores in Germany and a further 100 in Austria.

Business problem:

Apollo's customers would take their broken glasses in to their local shop to be sent to the central repair center. A postcard was mailed to announce their glasses were ready for collection and the local sales assistants had to try and contact costumers who had not picked up their glasses during the shop's opening hours. This created many problems including delivery delays, glasses not being collected with a subsequent loss in revenue, and a perception of poor customer service.


The automated service and repair notification thatApollo introduced makes use of three of services (messageREACH, smsREACH and voiceREACH). It sends a reminder, that their glasses are ready for collection. The customer€s preference for contact method is captured in their in-store point of sale system and is transferred to the central CRM solution. Upon repair completion a notification message is created from the Apollo's CRM solution and automatically submitted into us using our interface protocol. Reports are feedback into the CRM solution.


Over 100k notifications every month of which: 74%voice, 11% sms, 5% emails and 10% direct mails are delivered. There was a 60% reduction in the number of glasses that were not collected. Apollo has been able to reduce its direct mail costs associated with postcard notification by 90%. Sales staff has been freed up from chasing after customers that don't pick up their glasses.


A general improvement in after-sales customer service by giving the customer the choice of how they wish to be contacted.  Integration into the centralized CRM solution has created a track-able collection, notification and delivery system for repaired glasses  Increase in revenue from repairs of glasses.  Improvement in sales staff efficiency through the reduction in the amount of time the local sales assistant focuses on less efficient revenue generating activities. Reduction in direct mail costs for postcard notification.

Case Study # 2

Telecommunications Company Uses Dispatch Manager to Improve Customer Service and Increase Productivity

Dispatch Manager reduces waste associated with missed appointments by providing low-cost, automated service call reminders and appointment confirmations.

A leading local telephone company in the southern United States provides voice and Internet services to consumers.

Business Problem

This telephone company had a trouble with truck rolls to customers that were not home when the technician arrived. The company was paying about $75 for each service call. With about 30 technicians, missed appointments each day added up to a great deal of wasted expense. Service was also suffering, because for every missed appointment, there was another valued customer waiting longer for service.


The telco now sends up to 1,500 Dispatch Manager or Voice Broadcast notifications daily to residential customers to remind them they have a service call scheduled for the next day. Using the Data Collection feature, the recipient confirms the appointment by pressing a key on their phone to indicate whether they will be available when the technician arrives. If they cannot make the appointment, the carrier reschedules the service call.


By confirming appointments, the carrier was able to cut down significantly on the number of missed appointments, achieving a quick ROI and saving thousands of dollars per month. In addition, this Dispatch Manager solution allowed the company to:

  • Enhance its level of customer service by proactively reminding customers of their service call
  • Quantify problems with service technicians not arriving to appointments
  • Save money by not sending service vans to abandoned appointments.
  • Transfer immediately to a live agent for questions, or to change an appointment.
  • Improve service levels by proactively reminding customers about service calls.
  • Use customer service agents for complex and high priority interactions.
  • As an outsourced solution, Dispatch Manager is simple to implement.

Case Study #3

Collections Accelerator Improves Collections Rates and Saves Money

A large collections agency has key accounts that rely on this firm for early stage consumer collections.

Business Problem

This firm was always looking for ways to increase collections and save money at the same time.

Specifically, the agency wanted to communicate more cost-effectively with early stage debtors and very late stage debtors, while still leveraging the power and urgency of the human voice. However, management was reluctant to approve a solution that was complex to integrate into the company's existing technology.


The company selected Collections Accelerator via a Voice Broadcast as a complement to its predictive dialer.  It used Collections Accelerator to target debtors in the early stages of the collections process, when reminder calls needed to made to a large base of debtors who where most likely to pay.

The agency also used Voice Broadcast very late in the collections cycle to contact inactive accounts. For these accounts, live agents would not be cost-effective because of the low collections rate within this group.

The company used Text to Speech to insert customer names, balances, and other account information. The Hot Key Transfer feature allowed debtors to transfer to collections agents to pay their bills.


This collections agency saw results immediately with Collections Accelerator Voice Broadcast service:

  • The rate of connecting agents to debtors increased from about 30% with the predictive dialer to over 60% with Collections Accelerator. This dramatically decreased the time agents spent searching for debtors.
  • This agency was able to improve its debtor contact rate to over 50% for inactive accounts
  • Increase collection rates and decrease costs, especially for early and very late stage collections.
  • Free agents to communicate with debtors who transfer via 'hot key' and are ready to pay.
  • Complements a predictive dialer
  • Make hundreds, or thousands, of calls in minutes.
  • As an outsourced solution, Collections Accelerator is simple to implement.
  • Receive detailed reporting on call completion rates, transfers, and other critical information.