We work with a variety of cloud based network fax vendors  to provide the best hosted fax solutions for our customers. We leverage our volume and experience to get optimum pricing and service levels. With one contact, you will reach the best solutions the industry provides.

Fax Solutions specializes in integrated inbound fax and OCR service allowing for data extraction from paper applications that provide an integrated,platform based approach to document management solutions. Convert image based data entry applications for faxed forms like PO’s and Invoices (including unstructured forms) for uploading into your ERP or ECM system.  BPO the smarter way.

Inbound Fax2Email

Fax offers a high-volume, inbound fax to email service and online faxing management service. You decide whether faxes should be delivered fax to email, more info >

Outbound Fax2Email

Through the use of advanced Internet fax technology, Fax provides a comprehensive online fax software solution for sending documents to or from e-mail, more info >

Fax to EDI

Convert your inbound fax, like a purchase order, into an EDI file to load into your ERP platform.   more info >

Inbound Document Management

If your receiving high volumes of inbound faxed purchase orders, invoices or any other forms that are being manually keyed from Image(KFI) into another system, convert them to a digital file. Using State of  more info >

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Use Intelligent OCR To Streamline Invoice Processing

Kevin McQueen – Tuesday, January 17, 2012

This is a great article about the benefits of OCR functionality for invoice processing in application workflow, however, before taking on the risk and cost of an implementation why not consider outsourcing the application with no risk, faster implementation times, and contracted SLA’s?  Kevin  After implementing an intelligent OCR (optical character recognition) solution, this company cut by 60% end-of-year overtime due to the processing of invoices.   Read More

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